Arjuna Organic Capsules
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Arjuna Organic Capsules


Terminalia Arjuna has been traditionally known for its cardiotonic properties, since centuries. Planet Ayurveda is producing 100% pure capsules filled with standardised extract of Terminalia arjuna.

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Terminalia arjuna is a huge tree grows wild in many regions of South Asia and particularly in North India. The tree is 20-25 m tall. Leaves are green with pale yellow flowers, appears during September and November. The use of Terminalia Arjuna has been introduced by Vagbhata during 7th century CE. In Ayurveda, Terminalia arjuna has been used for the treatment of hemorrhages, ulcers, wounds and as cardiotonic.

Active compounds of Terminalia Arjuna

  • Taninns, Gallic acid, ellagic acid, triterpenoid saponins (arjunic acid, arjunolic acid, arjungenin, arjunglycosides).
  • Flavonoids (arjunone, arjunolone, luteolin), oligomeric proanthcyanidins, phytosterols.
  • Magnesium, zinc, calcium and copper.

Description of Terminalia arjuna in Ayurveda

  • Taste (Rasa) – Astringent and bitter
  • Action (Virya) – Cooling
  • Quality (Guna) – Cooling
  • Tissue (Dhatua) – Plasma, blood, bone reproductive
  • Channel (Srota) – Circulatory and Reproductive

Contraindication of Terminalia Arjuna

  • None

Package, composition, dosage of Ashwagandha Capsules:

Composition: 100% standardised extract, each capsule contains 500 mg of extract of Terminalia Arjuna (Combertacea) – 8:1 standardized to 8% tanins. Vegetarian capsule shell made from plant cellulose containing active moiety.

Read more about Why is standardised extract more potent than raw powder.

Package: 60 capsules, 500 mg of pure herbal extract in each capsule extract, no additives

Dosage: 1 capsule twice daily

Arjuna capsules of planet Ayurveda are made from standardized extracts of best quality having no pesticides, no inorganic fertilizers and no added chemicals are there so no fear of anything these can be less potent or having side effects. This product has under gone potency, quality and purity check so that best quality reaches to people across the world.

Planet Ayurveda capsules (500 mg) are a very effective solution for heart diseases. Arjuna capsules are 100% pure, without any side effects.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 5 cm

60 capsules without gelatin, 500 mg each

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  1. Nikolajs

    Работаю в силовой структуре. Работа очень динамичная и сидеть в тёплом офисе не приходится. Систематически работаю и в ночные смены. Всё это требует постоянной и высокой концентрации внимания, выносливости, выдержки и сверхсил. Раньше после смен приходил как выжатый лемон, без всякого желания что то сделать ещё и по хозяйству.

    Для восстановления и поддержания длительного жизненного тонуса я стал искать эффективные медицинские средства, но к химическим составам прибегать не хотел.

    По рекомендациям своего знакомого, я узнал об аювердических препаратах, составы которых включали в себя только природные компоненты.

    Мною был испытан на себе препарат Арджуна для поддержания здорового рабочего ритма сердца. Препарат мне очень помогает сохранять рабочий тонус в ночные смены.

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