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How to make an order in the online store

It is very easy! You can buy goods on our website without registration, or by creating your account. All registered users immediately receive a permanent 3% discount on the purchase amount. Discounts are cumulative.

1. Select the product you need in one of the categories.

A. This can be done immediately in the product section by clicking on the “Buy” button.

B. Or click on the picture or description of the product that interests you. Change the quantity if necessary (we always offer attractive discounts when buying several units of the product. Use our advantageous offers). Click on the “Add to cart” button.

B. It is possible to combine both options for choosing goods A. and B.

2. If you want to go to pay for the purchase – click the “Basket”.

2.1. If you want to see the selected items in the basket, but not yet pay for the purchase – also click the “Basket” button.

3. If you are ready to pay for your order – click on the “Checkout” button. If you use the PayPal payment system, you can immediately switch to PayPal payment by clicking on the “Check out with PayPal” button.

4. To place your order, you must enter the shipping address and some other information *.

If you are buying in our store for the first time – please fill out our simple order form. If you have previously made purchases from us – use the “Login” button.

5. We try to offer all products with favorable delivery by mail, by courier, or via a packer directly to your home or work.

THROUGH Omniva or DPD* PARCEL MACHINES and up to DPD pick-up points ** – for FREE!
* For a list and location of Omniva packs, see here:
** The list and location of DPD pick-ups can be found here:

Delivery by courier to Estonia for orders over 80 Euro – for FREE.

Delivery to Omniva or DPD parcel machines to Estonia for orders over 50 Euro – for FREE.

The cost of delivery to Russia and the CIS8 euros.

Buyers from Russia and CIS countries – FREE DELIVERY on orders over 100 euros.

If you do not specify the preferred parcel machines in the remarks to the order – it will be sent to the pack that is closest to your address.

5.1.: You can pick up your order for free at our warehouse in Riga, Jūrkalnes iela 1 (Šampēteris). Beforehand, be sure to call the warehouse worker at 29265731.

If you live in Latvia, Lithuania, or Estonia – use the first option. If you live in the European Union – the second. If you live in another country – use the latter option. We guarantee the best price delivery to any point on our planet, but it may take some time to calculate it.

6. Select the method of payment for your order. We have many options and one of them will definitely suit you.

6.1. If you have chosen a payment method through PayPal, then the PayPal login page and payment in it will immediately appear on the screen. If you have a credit or debit bank card, this is the most convenient payment method for you. You do not overpay. No need to have your PayPal account.

6.2. If you have chosen another type of payment, the corresponding page will open on which you will need to enter some data.

7. Enter your email address. You will receive confirmation of your order and other important information about your purchase. Do not worry, we will not use your email address for intrusive advertising or transfer it to a third party. All your personal information is securely protected with encryption tools (COMODO EV SSL 2048 bit security certificate) *** in accordance with the latest requirements of the time and EU and LR legislation.

* PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA: When making a payment with a payment card or through the PayPal payment system, none of your personal data is transmitted in the open form, is not stored on our website, and is not transmitted to third parties. The security of monetary transactions is provided by the most advanced encryption technologies of payment systems Visa, MasterCard, PayPal.

*** COMODO EV SSL 2048 bit security certificate is one of the most prestigious and secure in the modern e-commerce industry. EV (Extended Validation) – literally from English – Extended Verification. This certificate is issued only after an in-depth and detailed verification of the company receiving the certificate (SIA ETOLARS), using data from the Commercial Register of the Republic of Latvia. All data that is transmitted from the visitor of the site is protected by an encryption key of 2048 bits that cannot be cracked. This ensures complete safety and security of personal data of the site visitor. For clarity, in the address bar of the browser the site name is highlighted in green, contains a lock icon and starts with https: //).

7.1. You can create your profile in our database, for more convenient and quick purchases next time. But this is optional.

7.2. Check your mailing address for the delivery of the order and the phone number to receive an SMS about the delivery of the goods to your chosen package or for the courier. Your phone number may also be required for prompt communication with you

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