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(Latviešu) Ājurvēdas pamatprincipi

“The one who is destined to exist will survive in spite of any changes that shake the world.”

Every science that is used in practical life, survives through generations and flows from one generation to another. Nature cannot be deceived, it has its own unique means of creating or destroying various systems, and we still remain only to viewers who appear and then disappear in the stream of time.

Ayurveda is a science that encountered different views on the world order at different times, but still continues to exist as a leading alternative health care system. Ayurveda is also the oldest health science in the world. The written tradition extends to 5,000 years deep into the centuries, but the origins of the oral tradition of this science are lost in the depths of the ages.

Basic Ayurveda Principles
Ayurveda describes three basic types of fundamental biological constitutions – VATA, PITTA and KAPHA.

They are also called “three-energies.”

These fundamental forces belong entirely to the Universe and are responsible for:

Planetary Movement (VATA),
Planet Formation and Destruction (PITTA)
and Life Support (KAPHA).

These three energies are in every living being and are responsible for its health and illness.

Their balance is health or harmony, and imbalance is a disease or disorder.
These three energies govern all life processes at all levels of our lives.

BATA controls the movement
PITTA – all types of heat and transformations
KAPHA – all growth processes, structuring and moisture.

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