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**Frequently asked questions about Ayurvedic medicine**

In this section you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Ayurvedic medicine.

Our Ayurvedic Doctors are Dr. Vikram Chauhan and Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, Ph.D. If your question remains unanswered, do not hesitate to contact us.


**Can different Ayurvedic medicine products be taken together or should they be spread out throughout the day?**

You can use all our products at the same time. This means that you take a dose of all products in the morning and then again in the afternoon. You can also take them gradually, but this is not necessary.


**Can I open the capsules and consume only the contents or do I have to swallow the capsule whole?**

The capsule shell is made of plant cellulose, it is harmless and does not burden the body. However, if you prefer, you can empty the contents of the capsules and mix them with food.

**How ​​long can Ayurvedic medicine products be used? Do you need to take breaks? When will the results be visible?**

Interruptions in use are not necessary and are not recommended. The duration of use depends on the specific problem.

**Acute cases**
In acute cases such as inflammation, infections, digestive problems, allergic reactions, feminine problems, etc., the effect may be noticeable within minutes or hours.

**Chronic diseases**
The longer the problem lasts and the more chronic it is, the longer it is necessary to take Ayurvedic medicines. With the correct dosage and following lifestyle recommendations (diet, sleep, exercise), improvements usually occur within a month. We usually recommend taking Ayurvedic medicines for 3-6 months. For some diseases, such as serious neurological or autoimmune diseases, treatment may take a long time.

**Does Ayurvedic medicine have side effects?**

Ayurvedic medicine usually has no side effects. However, if you consume too many hot spices (Curcumin, Guggul, RumoGin5), you may experience heartburn. In this case, it is recommended to combine hot spices with cooling ones such as Amalaki Rasayan or Giloy.

**What time of day should you take Ayurvedic medicines?**

We recommend taking Ayurvedic medicines between meals, that is, not on an empty stomach or during meals. However, this does not apply to herbs for weight loss (Garcinia) and herbs to lower blood sugar levels in diabetics (Dialin, Fenu Gym, Gymnema Sylvester, Karela and others), which are best taken on an empty stomach.

**Can Ayurvedic medicine be used along with traditional medicine?**

You can use Ayurvedic medicine in addition to traditional medicines. However, maintain an interval of at least 1 hour between taking medicines and Ayurvedic products.

**Is it possible to stop taking traditional medicines and switch to Ayurvedic medicine only?**

Under no circumstances should you suddenly stop taking any medications (such as those for high blood pressure or blood thinners). Herbs act gradually and must be taken at the same time as medications. Please consult your doctor about stopping your medication once your results (blood tests, blood pressure) improve. You can also consult our Indian Ayurvedic doctors.

**How ​​do I know which Ayurvedic herbs are right for me?**

We have prepared an online assistant for you, in which you can find suitable combinations for specific health problems. We will also be happy to advise you in our online consultation.

**How ​​to make an appointment for an Ayurvedic consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor?**

Write to us via our contact form or email and we will contact you.

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