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How to chew Mastic correctly

Chewing Mastic takes a little practice.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your mastic chewing.

The resin from the Pistacia lentiscus tree is characterized by relatively high hardness, but at the same time, the resin is fragile. Individual tears can vary in size, hardness, and shape. It is a 100% natural product that is washed only with water and dried in the sun.

Chewing instructions for Mastic may sound like science at first glance, but you too can become experienced users and you will definitely fall in love with mastic.

– We recommend drinking clean water before chewing. This is done to keep the mouth dry and the mastic sticks better when chewing. Select a hard piece from the packaging and spread it between the front teeth until a dense mass is formed. (If you start chewing the Mastic directly on your back teeth, it will stick to your teeth and you won’t be able to use a substance like chewing gum.)

Then you can chew like classic chewing gum all over your mouth. If the gum is too hard for you, add a softer piece or gum. With a longer chewing time, you can easily combine different crystals depending on their hardness.

– The mastic should crumble into smaller pieces at the first bite. If it sticks too hard, add a harder piece. If all the crystals of the Mastic are soft, the Mastic has probably been warm for too long (especially in high summer temperatures). Refrigerate for a few hours. It restores the correct consistency.

Another way to learn how to chew properly is much easier for a beginner. Just take the Mastic crystal in your mouth and suck it like a lollipop. The mastic absorbs saliva from the mouth until it softens completely, after which it can be chewed.

For the Mastic to have a positive effect on the digestive tract, chew it for at least 15-20 minutes. You can actually chew it for much longer. But in the beginning, don’t chew too hard so as not to overwork your muscles :-). Having chewed the Mastic, spit it out, there is no point in swallowing, all the useful substances have already entered the digestive tract with saliva, and the stomach will not be able to digest the Mastic in this form.

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