TUMOTRIM – an effective Ayurvedic formula for tumor patients


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  • Stops the unwanted growth of tumor or cancer cells.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Treats signs & symptoms associated with tumor.
  • Overcomes general weakness in the body.
  • Increases overall strength of an individual.


The ingredients used in the preparation of these capsules fight against sign & symptom related to tumor patient.

• Tumo trim capsules control the unwanted cells growth naturally.

• The capsules rejuvenate the cells & tissues growth.

• Stamina of the body is increased by using these capsules.

• Acts as an immunity-booster in the body.

• Overcomes the symptoms like seizures, numbness, tingling sensation, indigestion, weak memory, balance problem & weakness etc. in the body.


• The active ingredient “curcumin” has an anticancer effect on the cancer cells.

• It acts as a natural detoxifier.

• This herb relieves pain, inflammation & swelling in the body.

• Haridra acts as a immunomodulator.

• Provides nutrients to the cells & eliminates toxins out of the cells.


• This herb is potent enough to treat cancer.

• It is helpful to improve mental concentration.

• Tumors can be managed with this herb.

• Reduces fluid retention associated with brain tumors.

• This herb act as an immunity booster.


• This herb has anti-stress & anti-cancer effects on the body.

• It inhibits the multiplication, invasion & migration of the cancer cells.

• This herb increases the activity of anti-oxidants in the body.

• Tulsi acts as an immune-booster.

• This herb is consider as a rejuvenating agent.


• It helps to prevent the spreading of cancer to other organs.

• Ashwagandha causes 70-80% reduction in tumor growth.

• Ashwagandha reduces the symptoms of depression.

• Reduces inflammation in the body.


• This is a common traditional herb for tumor cells.

• Presence of piperine in it prevents the growth of cancer cells.

• The active component piperine holds natural anti-inflammatory effects.

• It has antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, improves digestion & antimutagenic properties in it.

• Inhibits the development of carcinogen-induced colon & lung cancers.


• It has the ability to overpower many types of cancer cells.

• The herb has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antioxidant & anti-biotic properties.

• Reduces inflammation & pain in the body.

• Eliminates ovarian cancer cells by causing cell death and self-digestion.

• Helps in detoxification of the body.

• Act as an immune-booster.

• Effectively fights against colon cancer, prostate cancer & breast cancer.

Sastāvdaļas                                        Latīņu nosaukums:

Indijas Nosaukums:

  • 1.  Haridra                  Curcuma longa std. ext.                 200mg
  • 2. Shallaki                   Boswellia serratastd. ext.             150mg
  • 3. Tulsi                          Ocimums sanctum std. ext.            80mg
  • 4. Ashwagandha    Withania somnifera std.ext.                50mg
  • 5. Maricha                Piper nigrum std.ext.                           10mg
  • 6. Saunth                   Zingiber officinale std.ext.                10mg
  • Daudzums: 500 mg standartizēta filanta ekstrakta
  • Iepakojumā: 60 kapsulas

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