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Ligo together in Planet Ayurveda®!

On June 22-25, 2023 Planet Ayurveda® Baltics will take part in the “Būtība” Solstice Dance & Music festival near Ķegums, Latvia.

With promo code planetayurveda, entrance tickets with a 10€ discount on the festival website.

Within 4 days, a lot of concerts, workshops, practices and options for useful recreation will be available for the participants of the festival in the open air. A special program for families with children, in order to enable parents to participate in the festival activities while their children are supervised and engaged in self-development.

Planet Ayurveda® Latvija invites you to take part in this unique festival with you! We will be glad to meet with our clients. During the festival it will be possible to get a personal consultation on our products and their applications.
Special offer: during the days of the festival, it will be possible to undergo a computer health examination using the VedaPulse® pulse diagnostics device at a discounted price.

Examination and consultation with a specialist (30 minutes) regular price 45€.
For festival participants special price 25€.

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